• “Thank you! Your gift was greatly appreciated. At a time of despair and need, your gift of scholarship gave hope. I had been fighting so hard to remain in school, only to come to the point of the only option being to quit. Then I received the scholarship. Being a mother of four has not made my decision to return to school an easy one. Knowing that people do believe in me picked me up and made me realize I still have fight in me. Thank you for believing and for giving me a chance. I am and will always be forever grateful.”

    Sarah M.

  • “I would like to say thank you for your grant to my education fund of $1000. Being awarded this grant has helped me so much in maintaining an active pursuit of my education with Ozark Technical Community College. I appreciate all of your efforts in helping Missouri students working toward their goals in education. Thank you again so much!”

    Daniel M.

  • “Thank you to you and the board of directors for choosing me to receive this scholarship, I am proud to be so fortunate and lucky. I appreciate your support as I pursue higher education in Mechanical Engineering at Missouri S&T.”

    Jackson B.

  • “ Thank you for the support over past few years. Thank you for believing in my abilities as a student and a leader. As I leave college, I will always look back and thank the people who made it possible.”

    Sofia H.

  • “ Your funding affords people like me the opportunity to enhance our futures in ways too numerous to enumerate.”

    Brady D.